Switching my GTK workflow to KDE/QT – Introduction

In the last couple of months I have been studying & using on a daily basis a KDE based environment to see If I would be able to replace my GTK workflow. Long story short is that I decided to switch my entire GTK workflow to a KDE/QT based one.

There are some exceptions to this transition and I am talking about GIMP and Inkscape. These are GTK apps that are essential to my work-flow so I will continue using them in the KDE world.

Instead of publishing a mega-blog post, I decided to start a mini-series of blog posts, detailing how I replaced my different GTK apps in my personal workflow, with KDE ones.

It is also important to note that my final decision was also based on trying the latest Netrunner GNU-Linux 13.12 distribution, based on Kubuntu. An excellent distribution and I like what they have done with the KDE desktop. A blog post of the mini-series will be dedicated to Netrunner.


How to improve font rendering in Fedora 20

Fedora 20 came out on 17th of December 2013 and I decided to give it a spin to see how a pure Gnome 3 desktop behaves with the latest 3.10 release.

One of the things you notice immediately when testing non-Ubuntu based distributions is the poor font quality of the font rendering; there are multiple reasons for the poor quality font rendering and while Gnome is a little better without the necessary optimizations, KDE suffers a lot if you don’t apply the tweaks.

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